Guitars in Great Falls

Electronic (digital) drums and pianos offer many advantages.  Complete drum sets start at $299 and full 88 key pianos start at $449.  Both offer a variety of sounds that inspire you to create music and both can be played through headphones for private practice.  Also,  there is virtually no special upkeep on these instruments.

Instruments at lower price points are better quality now than ever due to improved manufacturing techniques.  There is still a point, however, where quality drops off.  Buying from sources other than legitimate music stores is usually not a good idea.  We will help you through the entire process of choosing the right guitar at the right price and give you continued help after the purchase.  All this at the same price as online sites.

We compete with internet pricing and add personal service and advice you can trust.  

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We are receiving new inventory weekly including guitars and sound equipment.  Mackie's new Reach sound system is perfect for solo performers and small groups as well as any place where a portable great sounding system is needed.

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